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Chris Gorog, Chairman and CEO, Napster

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Jan Eglen, CEO, Digonex Technologies, Inc.


Technology Meets Music at
7th Annual Digital Music Forum East!!

New York City - Feb. 27-28, 2007

2 Days - 77 Speakers - 425 Attendees - Innovative Exhibitors -
Breakfast, Lunch, Reception, Live Music Showcase Included

Leigh Nash (photo above), The Brakes, ESHY and The KIN to Perform at Live Music Showcase at the Knitting Factory

Join Music Industry Leaders - including executives from the 4 major labels Sony BMG Music, Universal Music, EMI Music, Warner Music - and Technology & Consumer Electronics Leaders - including executives from Microsoft/Zune, Motorola, YouTube/Google,  AOL, eMusic, RealNetworks, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and many more.



Thomas Hesse
Global Digital & U.S. Sales Business

Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Richard Blackstone
Sr. Advisor to the Chairman

Warner Music Group
David Pakman
Jason Reindorp
David Israelite
President & CEO
National Music Publishers Association
Steve Marks
EVP & General Counsel

Marty Diamond
Founder & President
Little Big Man Booking
Jason Fiber
Cordless Recordings
Warner Music
Bruce Warren
Asst. General Mgr. Programming &
Executive Producer
WXPN/World Cafe

John T. Frankenheimer
Chair, Music Group
Partner & Co-Chair Loeb & Loeb LLP
Aydin Caginalp
Alston & Bird
Dave Ulmer
Sr. Director of Marketing
Motorola Media Solutions



Ned Sherman
CEO & Publisher
Digital Media Wire
Ted Cohen
Managing Partner
TAG Strategic /
Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas
Ralph Simon Chairman Emeritus & Founder
Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas


Ray Waddell
Executive Director Touring & Live Entertainment
Thomas Gewecke
SVP, Digital Business Group
Sony BMG
Gregg Steele
Sr. Director, Music Programming
Sirius Satellite Radio

Ali Partovi
iLike Inc.
Antony Bruno

Exec. Dir., Content & Programming, Digital/Mobile Billboard

John BaRoss
VP, Global Sales & Strategic Development
Click and Buy

Vito Iaia
Sr. Director, Music Services
Maria C. Thomas
VP & General Manager
NPR Digital Media 
Jonathan Potter
Executive Director
Digital Media Association
Zahavah Levine
Chief Counsel
Jim Griffin
Managing Director
OneHouse LLC

Kelli Richards
President & CEO
The All Access Group

  Robert Khedouri
Rachna Bhasin
VP, Bus. Development
EMI Music N. America
Greg Scholl
The Orchard


Stephen Knill
President, Entertainment

The Radiate Group

Marcus Peterzell

Scott Fedewa
EVP & Executive Producer
Live Nation
  Dave Jaworski
Founder & CEO 
Passalong Networks
Tim Westergren


Gabriel Levy
GM, Label Relations
RealNetworks, Inc.
  Jack Isquith
Exec. Dir. of Music Industry Relations
AOL Music
Michael Dorf
DCN & Knitting Factory
Matt Schwartz
Manager, Music Operations & Bus. Development
Verizon Wireless
  Gerd Leonhard
Sonific LLC
David Del Beccaro
President & CEO
Music Choice
Maria Egan-Cohen
Columbia Records
  Adam Sexton
Chief Marketing Officer
Groove Mobile
Brian Garrity
Senior Correspondent
Bill Averill
Regional Marketing Manager

Miller Brewing Company
  David Card
VP, Research
Martin Kay
Anders Hjelmtorp
Executive Director
Export Music Sweden
Ron Milkes
EVP, Operations & General Counsel
Control Room
Marty Lafferty
Are Traasdahl
Founder & CEO
Christopher Levy
President & Co-Founder
INTENT MediaWorks
Daniel Harris
Founder & CEO
MediaPass Network
Ashwin Moranganti
VP, Marketing
Rio D. Caraeff
General Manager
Universal Music Mobile, N. A.
Dan Porter
VP, Corporate Development
Virgin USA
Noah Dinkin
United for Opportunity

Tom Gates
Artist Manager
Nettwerk Music Group
Scott McKenzie
Group Editorial Director
John Simson
Executive Director
Robert Driscoll
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Larry Linietsky
VP, Business Development
Clear Channel Online Music & Radio
Bob Kohn
Chairman & CEO
RoyaltyShare Inc.
Maurice Russell
VP, Licensing & Label Relations
The Harry Fox Agency
Chris Coyle
VP, Content Acquisition & Development
Jennifer Lane
Net Radio Sales
 Christopher Amenita
SVP of ASCAP’s Enterprises Group
Dave Dederer
Sr. Dir., Media Content
The Presidents of the United States of America
Jared Hoffman
President & CEO

Knitting Factory Entertainment
 Kevin Barenblat
Tim Bucher
CEO & Chief Product Officer
Mike Bebel
President & CEO

Ruckus Network, Inc.
Leslie Poole

Javien Digital Payment Solutions
Michael Downing
Chairman & CEO

Scott Hagedorn
Director of Innovation

OMD Digital
John Burris
VP Wireless Data
Sprint Nextel Corporation 
David Hyman
CEO & Founder
Michael Petricone
SVP of Gov't Affairs
Consumer Electronics Assoc.

DAY 1 – Tuesday, February 27

1:00pm – 1:30pm

1:30pm – 1:45pm
Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire
Antony Bruno, Executive Director, Content & Programming, Digital/Mobile, Billboard
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic/Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas

1:45pm – 2:45pm
PANEL 1:  The State of the Digital Union
This panel of industry experts will discuss the hot button issues of day, including the debate over digital music pricing, online and mobile music product offerings and business models, next generation devices and the future of digital rights management. What is the current state of the online and mobile music markets and where is the industry heading? 

Thomas Gewecke
, SVP, Digital Business Group, Sony BMG
Gabriel Levy, GM, Label Relations, RealNetworks Europe
Greg Scholl, CEO, The Orchard
David Del Beccaro, President & CEO, Music Choice
Mike Bebel, President & CEO, Ruckus Network, Inc.
Michael Downing, Chairman & CEO, GoFish
Ted Cohen, Managing Director, TAG Strategic

2:45pm – 3:30pm
How Brands are Navigating the Digital Entertainment Space

Given the proliferation of new technologies, how are brand marketers and their agencies navigating the space?  The panelists share their experience and processes in making smart marketing investments in an ever changing landscape.

Marcus Peterzell, Co-President, AWE
Bill Averill, Regional Marketing Manager, Miller Brewing Company
Scott Hagedorn, Director of Innovation, OMD Digital

Steve Knill, President, Radiate Entertainment (an Omnicom Company)

3:30pm – 4:00pm

4:00pm – 5:00pm
 Mobile Music Revolution – Music Beyond Ringtones
To date, the business of mobile music has been mainly about ringtones. While ringtones already represent a large part of total digital music revenues, it is just the beginning of the mobile music revolution. New devices and services being launched this year open up a whole new world of possibilities. Full track mobile download sales are growing and mobile streaming services are on the rise as well, with potential to further music sales through personalized recommendation engines. This panel will discuss the current state of the mobile music market in the US and how to find the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls in this rapidly evolving field of music distribution and marketing.

Matt Schwartz, Manager, Music Operations & Business Dev., Verizon Wireless

Adam Sexton, Chief Marketing Officer, Groove Mobile
Are Traasdahl, Founder & CEO, Thumbplay
Rio Caraeff, General Manager, Universal Music Mobile, N.A.

Dave Dederer, Sr. Dir., Media Content, Melodeo/Artist, The Presidents of the United States of America
John Burris, VP  Wireless Date, Sprint Nextel Corporation

Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas

5:00pm – 5:20pm
Richard Blackstone, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Warner Music Group
Interviewed by: Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas

5:30pm – 6:30pm

7:00pm – 9:30pm

Showcase FREE with Conference Badge
Badge also entitles you to buffet food and drink tickets
(Drink tickets provided at the venue)
Limited Number of Guest Passes Available for Non-Conference Attendees for $10 per person (call 310-855-0033 to purchase)

Shuttles from Museum to Knitting Factory
Courtesy of Passalong Networks

Doors Open at Knitting Factory

Digital Media Wire Raffle – Win Great Prizes!!
 Items being raffled included:
Sirius Stiletto from ZING
 -Motorola Q from Motorola
 -Zune from Microsoft
 -Pass to Attend Future DMW Conference from Digital Media Wire

Performances by:
Passalong Networks Presents Leigh Nash
www.leighnash.com - www.myspace.com/leighnash

Passalong Networks Presents The Brakes

www.brakesband.com - www.myspace.com/thebrakes

INTENT Mediaworks Presents ESHY (Produced by Daddy O)

INTENT Mediaworks Presents The Kin
www.thekin.com - www.myspace.com/thekin

DAY 2 – Wednesday, February 28

9:00am – 9:30am
What’s in the Bag?
Digital device connoisseurs Ted Cohen and Dave Ulmer discuss and demonstrate the latest in digital devices and gadgetry.  You’ll have to be there to see what they pull out of their bags next.

Presented by:
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic/
Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas
Dave Ulmer, Sr. Director, Marketing, Motorola

9:30am - 10:30am
PANEL 1: Device & Format Wars:
Who Will Be the Winners & the Losers?
For the past 2 years, Apple has dominated the device market with its iPod player and proprietary iTunes format. With the rollout of Microsoft’s Zune player, a battle over devices and formats is beginning to take shape. Meanwhile, there is growing support for MP3 as the industry standard. Who will be the winners and losers? This panel of experts will discuss developments which will tip in favor of one device or format over the other. What is the likely effect on consumers? Is there an end in sight, where we might see a world where devices and formats do not restrict use and portability?

David Pakman, President & CEO, eMusic
Robert Khedouri
, Co-Founder, MusicGremlin
Gerd Leonhard, CEO, Sonific LLC
Tim Bucher, CEO& Chief Product Officer, ZING
Jason Reindorp, Director, Microsoft/Zune
John BaRoss, VP, Global Sales & Strategic Development, Click and Buy
David Card, VP & Senior Analyst, JupiterKagan, Inc.

10:30am – 11:00am

00am – 11:30am
Marty Diamond, Founder & President,  Little Big Man Booking
Interviewed by: Ray Waddell, Exec. Director of Content & Programming, Touring & Live Entertainment, Billboard

11:30am – 12:30pm
PANEL 2: Digital Copyrights: The Wild West All Over Again?
The music industry has been completely turned upside-down by the growth of the Internet and the new digital world. At the same time, copyright laws still stem from the analogue days of sheet music and orchestra performances. Clearly, something needs to change. The industry has tried rear guard actions like lawsuits, but music consumers are still filling up their players with unlicensed music and the RIAA is still battling with technology companies over new innovations. This panel of music and copyright experts will discuss what needs to happen so that artists can live off their creativity, labels and publishers can see a fair return on their investments, technology companies have an incentive to innovate and receive a fair share of the pie and music fans can satisfy their current hunger for and exploration of new and/or alternative music.

Jonathan Potter, Executive Director, Digital Media Association
Jim Griffin, Managing Director, OneHouse, LLC
Michael Petricone
, SVP, Government Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association
David Israelite, President & CEO, National Music Publishers Association

Steve Marks, EVP & General Counsel, Recording Industry Association of America

Aydin Caginalp, Partner, Alston & Bird

12:30pm – 1:30pm
LUNCH BREAK hosted by: 

1:30pm – 2:00pm
Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business, Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Interviewed by: John T. Frankenheimer, Chair, Music Group Partner and Co-Chair, Loeb & Loeb LLP

2:00pm – 2:30pm
Bruce Warren, Assistant General Manager of Programming, WXPN & Executive Producer, World Cafe
Interviewed by: Ned Sherman, CEO, Digital Media Wire

2:30pm – 3:20pm
TRACK 1, PANEL 3: Social Music Discovery
Discovery and recommendation services are changing the way we find the music we like.  As more music becomes available online and the long tail gets longer, improved search, filters, discovery and recommendation services are going to play a more important role in online commerce.  This panel of experts will discuss the latest developments in discovery and recommendation services.

Ali Partovi, CEO, iLike Inc.
Rachna Bhasin, VP, Business Development, EMI Music North America
Tim Westergren, Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora

Martin Kay, CEO, Finetune
Zahavah Levine, General Counsel & VP Business Affairs, YouTube, Inc.
David Hyman, CEO & Founder, MOG
Brian Garrity, Senior Correspondent, Billboard

2:30pm – 3:20pm
TRACK 2, PANEL 3: Redefining Radio (At Least That's What We Used To Call It)

While competition in the Internet and satellite markets intensifies, traditional radio broadcasters are increasingly repositioning themselves as multi-faceted media brands that provide a range of services – including on-demand news and music and online social networking - to their listening audiences. Does the localization of traditional radio broadcasters give them an advantage over competitors in the satellite and online space? Can traditional radio broadcasters succeed in converting loyal listeners to online community? This panel of industry experts will discuss consumer response to new “radio” services and offerings. Who will be the winners and losers in the changing world of radio?

Larry Linietsky, VP Business Development,
Clear Channel Online Music & Radio
Jennifer Lane, President, Net Radio Sales
Kevin Barenblat, Co-Founder, SpotDJ
Maria C. Thomas, VP & General Manager, NPR Digital Media
Gregg Steele, Sr. Director, Music Programming, Sirius Satellite Radio
Scott McKenzie, Group Editorial Director, Billboard

3:20pm – 3:50pm

3:50pm – 4:40pm
A&R in the Digital Age
A&R is fundamentally changing and the changes are happening fast. There is a growing awareness that labels need to have a digital and mobile strategy that connects with A&R to succeed today. This panel of A&R executives and their digital counterparts discuss the future of A&R. What innovative techniques are being used by creative A&R execs that are changing the A&R landscape? How do new technologies affect the A&R process? Does the Internet and digital technologies give artists a better chance to be heard by A&R executives and music supervisors while simultaneously building a fan base?

Maria Egan-Cohen, A&R, Columbia Records
Jason Fiber, President, Cordless Recordings
Noah Dinkin, Co-Founder/Partner, United for Opportunity
Tom Gates, Artist Manager, Nettwerk Music Group
Anders Hjelmtorp, Executive Director, Export Music Sweden
Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas

3:50pm – 4:40pm
TRACK 2, PANEL 4: Digital Rights and Clearances for Music

Far too often digital music deals get done only to be held up by complicated and time-consuming rights clearance processes. This panel of experts will discuss rights clearance issues for digital music licenses. What are some of the common problems and how can they be avoided?


Bob Kohn, Chairman & CEO,
RoyaltyShare Inc.
Chris Coyle, VP,
Content Acquisition & Development, Muze
John Simson, Executive Director, SoundExchange
Maurice Russell, Licensing & Artist Relations, The Harry Fox Agency
Chris Amenita, SVP, Enterprises Group, ASCAP

Robert Driscoll, Partner,
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

4:40pm – 5:30pm
The Evolution of Live Music Events through Digital Media
Technology is creating new opportunities and experiences for artists, performers, promoters, vendors and fans. From text messaging to broadband video to online recommendation and billing systems, technology is enhancing the live music experience. This panel will discuss how technologies are being used to better connect with fans and promote, produce and create new revenue opportunities around live events.

Vito Iaia Sr. Director, Music, Ticketmaster
Dave Jaworski, CEO, Passalong Networks
ack Isquith, Executive Director, Music Industry Relations, AOL Music
Michael Dorf, Founder, DCN & Knitting Factory
Scott Fedewa, EVP & Executive Producer, Live Nation
Ron Milkes, VP, Business & Legal Affairs, General Counsel, Control Room
Kelli Richards, President & CEO, The All Access Group

4:40pm – 5:30pm
TRACK 2, PANEL 5: Pros & Cons of P2P for Music Distribution
Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technologies represent either enormous new opportunities or an ever-growing threat to the marketplace for licensed music, depending on your point of view. With exponentially more traffic than competing online environments, and users who are actively seeking to discover and acquire new music; bands, singer-songwriters, and other rights holders cannot afford to ignore this steadily growing phenomenon. What is really happening in terms of the development P2P business models for monetizing music?

Christopher Levy, CEO, BUYDRM
Les Ottolenghi, President & Co-Founder, INTENT MediaWorks
Daniel Harris, CEO, MediaPass Network
Ashwin Moranganti, VP, Marketing, PeerApp
Dan Porter, VP, Corporate Development, Virgin USA

Leslie Poole, CEO, Javien Digital Payment Solutions
Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA

6:30pm – 9:00pm



and many more...

Larry Kenswil, President, Universal Music Group - eLabs - Terry McBride, Founder & CEO, Nettwerk Productions - David Del Beccaro, President, CEO & Founder, Music Choice - Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, U.S. Copyright Office - Ralph Simon, Chairman - Americas, Mobile Entertainment Forum - Shawn Gold, SVP of Marketing and Content, MySpace - Seamus McAteer, Chief Product Architect + Senior Analyst, M:Metrics - Lee Abrams, Chief Programming Officer, XM Satellite Radio - Bryan Biniak, SVP & GM, AG Interactive, American Greetings - Steve Blatter, SVP, Music Programming, SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Lesley Bleakley, CEO, Beggars Group North America - Anthony Bruno, Editor, Digital/Mobile, Billboard - Aydin Caginalp, Managing Partner, NY Office, Alston & Bird - David Card, VP & Senior Analyst, JupiterResearch - Greg Clayman, VP, Wireless, MTV Networks - Ted Cohen, SVP, Digital Development, EMI Music - Leslie Darling, Vice President, comScore Media Metrix - John Frankenheimer, Chair-Music Group, Partner & Co-Chair, Loeb & Loeb LLC - Stephen Friedman, General Manager, mtvU - Eric Garland, CEO, BigChampagne Online Media Measurement - Brian Garrity, Senior Business Writer, Billboard - Mike Gaumond, VP, Digital Media Services, Motorola - Larry Gerbrandt, SVP & Senior Analyst, Nielsen Entertainment - Dave Goldberg, VP & GM, Yahoo! Music –Jim Griffin, CEO, Cherry Lane Digital – Nic Harcourt, Music Director & Host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW - John Harrobin, VP–Marketing Communications, Verizon Wireless - Michael Hausman, Co-Founder/Manager, SuperEgo Records & United Musicians – Thomas Hesse, President-Global Digital Business, SonyBMG Music Entertainment - Jack Isquith, Executive Director, Music Industry Relations, AOL Music & AOL Radio - Dave Jaworski, Founder & CEO, PassAlong Networks - John Kilcullen, President & Publisher, Billboard - Matt Kleinschmit, Vice President, Ipsos Insight - Avery Kotler, Senior Director of Business & Legal Affairs, Napster - Scott McKenzie, Group Editorial Director, Billboard - David Pakman, President & CEO, eMusic - Tim Quirk, General Manager, Music, RealNetworks - Farrell Reynolds, President & COO, Ruckus - JJ Rosen, VP & GM, Digital Business, US, Sony BMG Music Entertainment - Rusty Rueff, Chief Executive Officer, SNOCAP - Thomas Ryan, SVP - Mobile & Digital Development, EMI Music - Greg Scholl, CEO, The Orchard - Adam Sexton, VP of Marketing & Product Management, Groove Mobile - Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire - LaSean Smith, Senior Product Manager, Digital Media, Motorola - Michael Weiss, CEO, Streamcast Networks - Jeff Liebenson, Partner, Entertainment & Media, KMZ Rosenman - John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation - Craig Palmer - President & CEO, Gracenote - Brad Duea - President, Napster - Jeffrey Bronikowski - VP, Bus. Dev., eLabs, Universal Music Group - Ted Cohen - SVP, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music - Thomas Gewecke - SVP, Digital Business Group, Sony BMG Music - Mike Gaumond - VP & General Manager, Motorola Media Solutions - Brian Garrity - Senior Editor, Billboard - Shahid Khan - Managing Director, BearingPoint - David Kusek - VP, Berklee Media, Berklee College of Music - Gerd Leonhard - CEO, ThinkAndLink / Sr Advisor to Sony Net Services - Phil Corwin - Partner, Butera & Andrews - Martin J. Elgison - Partner, Intellectual Property, Alston & Bird - Mark Levy - Vice President, Content, InfoSpace Mobile - Steve Marks - General Counsel, RIAA - Jim DeLong - Senior Fellow, The Progress & Freedom Foundation - Adam Eisgrau, Executive Director, P2P United - Jonathan Potter - Executive Director, Digital Media Association - Gary Cohen - President, MusicNow - Peter Diemer - VP Sales & Marketing, Musicrypt, Inc - David Card - VP & Senior Analyst, Jupiter Research - John Kilcullen - President & Publisher, Billboard - Nancy Beaton - GM, Wireless Music & Personalization, Sprint - Don Teague - VP of Sales & Marketing, PaymentOne - Mike Rich -Vice President, Product Integration, America Online, Inc. - Thomas Ryan - Senior VP, Mobile Development, EMI Music - Richard Conlon - VP, Marketing & Business Dev, Media Licensing, BMI - Nancy Hauge - Chief Customer Advocate, Ruckus Network - Chris Amenita - SVP, ASCAP - Amy Bernstein - Senior Editor, Business 2.0 - Derek Broes - EVP, Worldwide Operations, Altnet - Scott Cohen - Co-Founder & President, The Orchard Global Media - Peter Csathy - COO, MusicMatch - David Del Beccaro - President & CEO, Music Choice - Maureen Dorney - Partner, Gray Cary - Roy Elkins - CEO & Founder, Broadjam - Mark Frieser - CEO & Founder, Consect - Eric Garland - CEO, Big Champagne - Tom Gensch - VP, Content & Distribution, PaymentOne - Laura Goldberg - COO, Napster - Jim Griffin - CEO, OneHouse LLC - Ellie Hirschhorn - GM & EVP, MusicNet - Jeff Howe - Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine - David Hyman - Chief Strategy Officer, Gracenote - Jack Isquith, Executive Director of Music Industry Relations, AOL Music - Scott Kauffman - President & CEO, MusicNow (formerly FullAudio) - Tim Nilson - VP, Mobile Technology, Sony Music - Daniel Porter - VP, Bus. Dev., Be Music / BMG Music Service - Larry Rebich - VP of Program Acquisition & Market Dev., SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Tim Riley - Worldwide Executive of Music, Activision - Perry Solomon - Founder & VP, Strategy, Peppercoin - Bob Struble - President & CEO, Ibiquity Digital - Nikke Slight - SVP, New Media, Atlantic Records - Nada Usina - GM, Entertainment & Media Business, Nokia America, Nokia - Jon Vlassopulos - Sr. Dir., Bus. Dev., AT&T Wireless Mobile Multimedia - Shawn Fanning - Founder & CSO, Snocap – Tamara Conniff – Executive Editor & Associate Publisher, Billboard – Nimrod Lev – Founder & CEO, Ksolo.com, Fox Interactive Media – Amanda Marks – EVP, eLabs, Universal Music- Paul Heine – Executive Editor, Radio & Records, Billboard – Ed Delfs – VP, National Ad Sales, RealNetworks – Stephen Murray – President, Entertainment, BurnLounge – Erik Flannigan – VP, Programming, AOL – Mark Lam – Chairman, Executive Committee & CEO, Live365 – Gerrit Meier – Sr. VP & GM, Clear Channel Online Music & Radio – Shervin Pishevar – President & COO, Freewebs, Inc. – Gerd Leonard – CEO, Sonific LLC – Dominique Sebastien-Forest, VP, Business Development, Puretracks LLC - Paul Leakas - General Manager, Nielsen Mobile - Raghav Gupta - Director, Business Development & Strategy, Brightcove - Tim Bucher - CEO & Chief Product Officer, ZING - Kelli Richards - President & CEO, The All Access Group - Scott Fedewa - SVP & Executive Producer, Live Nation - Dave Ulmer - Marketing, Digital Media Services, Motorola - John Puterbaugh – CEO, Nellymoser - Maria C. Thomas - VP & GM, NPR Digital Media - Albhy Galuten - VP of Digital Media Tech Strategy, Sony Corp of America - Mark Pascarella - President, Gotuit Media Corp. - Ken Parks - SVP, Strategy & Business Development, EMI Music - David Marcus - VP of Strategic Marketing & Business Development,  Ticketmaster - Tess Taylor – President,  NARIP - Jozef Nuyens - Founder/SVP, Int’l Dev., PassAlong Networks - Marty Lafferty – CEO, DCIA - Lance Ware – CEO, SyncCast - Chris Montgomery - EVP Marketing & Product Management, Musicrypt - Ron Milkes VP, Business & Legal Affairs, General Counsel, Network LIVE - Jan Eglen - CEO, Digonex Technologies, Inc. - Chip Venters – CEO, DigitalContainers Inc. - John Boyle - Owner & President, The BAM Group - Jamie Perlman - Dir. of Bus. Dev. for Retail Partners, SNOCAP - Joshua James - Co-Founder & CEO, Basecamp Productions - Dorrian Porter – CEO, Mozes, Inc. - David G. Powell - Owner & President, The Music Bridge - David D. Oxenford – Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP - Les Watkins - VP, Business Affairs & Business Development, MRI - Daniel Harris - CEO, MediaPass Network - Steve Skrzyniarz - Founder & CEO, Soundflavor - Maurice Russell - VP, Licensing, Harry Fox Agency - Bill Wheaton - VP, Digital Media, Akamai - Ben Eisner - Director, Marketing, Speakerheart - David Wright - Director of Product Management, Speakerheart - John Desmond - VP, Media Sentry Services, Safenet - Steve Macfadyen - VP, Operations, Concerts & Amphitheaters, House of Blues - Brent Muhle - General Manager, Nettwerk Music Group - Joey Patuleia - VP, Artist Relations, Intent Mediaworks - Matt Schwartz - Manager, Music Operations & Business Development, Verizon Wireless - Rachel Segal - Artist Relations & Marketing Specialist, MusicIP - Rob Barnett, President, Programming, CBS Radio - Greg Clayman, VP, Wireless, MTV Networks - John Harrobin, VP–Marketing Communications, Verizon Wireless - Michael Laskow, Founder & CEO, TAXI - Aram Fuchs, General Partner, Fertilemind Capital - Jon Zellner, SVP, Programming, XM Satellite Radio - Leslie Poole, CEO, Javien - David Jamieson,  VP, Artist & Label Relations, Musicane - Stephen Friedman, General Manager, mtvU - Steve Blatter SVP, Music Programming, SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Bryan Biniak, SVP, AG Interactive, American Greetings - Jim Hollingsworth, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Gracenote - Brad Singer, EVP, Products and Markets, PaymentOne - Craig Palmer - President & CEO, Gracenote - Martin J. Elgison - Partner, Intellectual Property, Alston & Bird - David Kusek - VP, Berklee Media, Berklee College of Music - Mike Rich - Executive Director of Programming, AOL Music

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