October 2–3, 2008   |   Los Angeles, CA

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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
The Roosevelt Hotel

7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Technology Meets Music at
3rd Annual Digital Music Forum West!!

Hollywood Roosevelt - October 2-3, 2008


2 Days - 60 Speakers - 300 Attendees - Innovative Exhibitors
Breakfast, Lunch, Poolside Reception Included

Keynotes from Top Execs at MySpace, Warner Music,
Pandora, (RED), EMI Music and Passalong

Join Music Industry Leaders - including major label execs from EMI, Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner; major digital music store representatives including eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, and (RED) Content; executives from MySpace, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, ARTISTdirect, Amazon.com, Nokia, Pandora, Yahoo!, YouTube,  imeem, RealNetworks, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and more.

Attend the 3rd Annual Digital Music Forum West - in the heart of Hollywood - and hear views and debate on the questions that matter to you!  Register before Sept. 30 and receive the online registration discount. For more information, please contact Ellen Gildersleeve, Director, Marketing & Events at 310-855-0033 ext.5 or by email at ellen@digitalmediawire.com.

Keynote Speakers:

Cory Ondrejka
SVP, Digital Strategy
EMI Music
Co-Founder, Second Life
Amit Kapur
Chief Operating Officer
Jac Holzman
Founder, Elektra Records
Chairman, Warner Music Group’s Cordless Recordings
Don MacKinnon
President, (RED) Content
Founder, HEAR Music
Tim Westergren
Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, Pandora
Dave Jaworski
Passalong Networks


Lawrence Kenswil
EVP, Business Strategy
Universal Music Group
David Pakman
Ted Mico
Head of Digital
Interscope Geffen A&M
Brad Duea
Greg Bettinelli
EVP, Business Development & Strategy
Live Nation
Syd Schwartz
SVP, Digital Strategy
EMI North America
Ted Cohen
Managing Partner
TAG Strategic
Steve Jang
CMO & Head of Business Development
Aydin Caginalp
Partner, Entertainment & Media Group
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Ned Sherman
CEO & Publisher

Digital Media Wire
Celia Hirschman
KCRW's On the Beat
John Frankenheimer
Chair, Music Group
Partner & Co-Chair

Loeb & Loeb LLP
David Marcus
SVP, Music
Alan Miller
Co-Owner/CEO Filter Creative Group Co-Publisher
Filter Magazine
John Rudolph
Bug Music
Board Member
Kelli Richards
President & CEO
The All Access Group
Jonathan Potter
Executive Director
Digital Media Association
Massimiliano Pellegrini
Albhy Galuten
VP of Digital Media Technology Strategy
Sony Corporation of America (SCA)
Richard Conlon
VP, New Media and Strategic Dev.
David Oxenford
Davis, Wright, Tremaine LLP
Dimitri Villard
Interim CEO
Michael Petricone
SVP, Gov't Affairs
Consumer Electronics Association
Mark Ghuneim
Samantha Murphy
Singer / Songwriter & Founder
The Highway Girl
Jeffrey Eglen
VP Strategy
Digonex Technologies
Barry Schaffer
Promotional Currency
Maurice Russell
VP, Bus. Affairs & Licensing
Harry Fox Agency
Dorrian Porter
Josh Brooks
VP, Marketing
& Content

Michael Spiegelman
Senior Director Music
Yahoo! Music
Mitch Rotter
SVP, Content Acquisition & Strategy
Douglas Caballero
Host / Co-Creator / Producer / Writer, "The Daily Fix", "The Fix Extended Play"
Current TV
Ian Rogers
David Leibowitz
Managing Partner
CH Potomac
Neil Smith
VP, Marketing
Rhapsody America
Russ Rieger
VP, Strategic Initiatives
Sonal Gandhi
  Les Watkins
SVP, Business Affairs & Dev.
Music Reports
  Jeremy Riney
CEO & Founder
Eliot Van Buskirk
Listening Post

 Dave Dederer
VP, Bus. Dev.
/ Founding Band Member,
The Presidents of the United States of America
  Chris Maxcy
Director of Partner Development YouTube
  Aaron Grosky President
Control Room
Vikramaditya Jain
President & COO
Chris Frankenberg
VP Mobile Sales
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Michael Romero
VP, Mobile Retail Business
Patrick Sullivan
President & CEO
RightsFlow LLC
Bob Kohn
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
RoyaltyShare, Inc.
Gary Greenstein
Of Counsel
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Vicki Saunders
Director, Music Marketing & Promotions
TouchTunes Music
Frank Johnson
Macrovision Data Solutions
Trevor F. Madigan
Americas Manager, Entertainment & Communities
Kevin Arnold
Founder / CEO
Scott Bahneman


DAY 1 (Thursday, October 2)

1:00pm–1:30pm Registration & Networking
1:30pm–1:45pm Welcome & Introductions
Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire

Opening Remarks
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic
1:45pm–2:45pm Panel 1: The State of the Digital Union
This panel of industry experts will discuss the hot button issues of day, including the debate over digital music pricing, online and mobile music product offerings and business models, new channels of digital revenue, subscriptions, MP3 stores, ad-supported models and next generation devices. What innovations and business models will fuel growth in the digital marketplace? What is the current state of the online and mobile music markets and where is the industry heading?

Brad Duea, President, Napster
Steve Jang, CMO & Head of Business Development, imeem
Ted Mico, Head of Digital, Interscope Geffen A&M
David Pakman, CEO, eMusic
Ian Rogers, CEO, Topspin
Moderator: Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic
2:45pm-3:15pm Networking Break
3:15pm–4:00pm Panel 2: Global Music Marketing in the Digital Age
The Internet and mobile technologies have improved communication and created new opportunities for artists and labels to market their music and promote and sell music and tours. Successful worldwide interactive marketing efforts now require a deep understanding of web site analytics, email and mobile marketing, social networks, virtual worlds and other online communities, e-commerce, search engine marketing and web site optimization. This panel will discuss global music marketing in the digital age with a focus on how to utilize digital tools to better connect with fans and promote, produce and create new revenue opportunities for artists and labels.

Prashant Bahadur, Director of Retail Marketing, The Orchard
Dorrian Porter, CEO, Mozes
Mark Ghuneim, CEO, Wiredset
Vikramaditya Jain, President & COO, Musicane.com
Frank Johnson, VP, Macrovision Data Solutions
Vicki Saunders, Dir, Music Mkting & Promo, TouchTunes Music
Moderator: Alan Miller, Co-Owner/CEO, Filter Creative Group/Co-Publisher, Filter Magazine
4:05pm–4:50pm Panel 3: Beyond the Download: Rethinking Digital with Alternative Business Models
According to figures released by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) earlier this year, global digital music sales increased 40% in 2007, to $2.9 billion, but declining CD sales pushed the overall market down 10% for the year, marking the seventh straight year that overall music sales have fallen. Paid downloads, once heralded by Steve Jobs and others as “the Solution” for the ailing industry, are increasing, but they aren’t rising nearly fast enough, and probably never will, to make up for the loss in revenue from falling CD sales. If the iTunes model isn’t the industry’s answer, and business can’t go on as usual, then what is the solution? This panel will discuss alternative business models being tested by artists, digital innovators, and major and Indie record labels, including treating downloads as a loss leader, designed to promote artists and drive sales of other products, such as concert tickets and merchandise; the Radiohead “pay what you want” model; variable pricing models, where pricing may be determined by a songs popularity; subscription services like Real’s Rhapsody; ad-supported models; and the idea of a music surcharge, where customers of ISPs and wireless carriers are charged a flat fee as part of their data service plan, in exchange for the right to download and share music over an ISP’s network.

Jeffrey Eglen, VP, Strategy, Digonex Technologies
Albhy Galuten, VP, Digital Media, Sony Corporation of America
Jeff Karnes, VP of Marketing and Products, VoloMedia
Neil Smith, VP, Marketing, Rhapsody America, LLC
Michael Spiegelman, Senior Director, Music, Yahoo!
Scott Bahneman, CEO, HDGiants
Moderator: Sonal Gandhi, Analyst, JupiterResearch
Don MacKinnon, Pres., (RED) Content / Founder, HEAR Music
Dave Jaworski, CEO, Passalong Networks
Interviewed by: Celia Hirschman, Host, KCRW's On the Beat
5:30pm–6:00pm KEYNOTE
Cory Ondrejka, SVP, Digital Strategy, EMI Music
Co-Founder, Second Life
6:00pm–7:00pm Cocktail Reception
*Poolside at the Tropicana Bar*

DAY 2 (Friday, October 3)

8:00am–9:00am Registration & Breakfast
9:00am–9:15am Welcome & Introductions
Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire
Tim Westergren, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, Pandora
Interviewed by: Eliot Van Buskirk, Editor, Listening Post, Wired.com
9:45am–10:30am Panel 1: Social Networks & Music Discovery & Recommendation Services
Social networks and online music discovery services are becoming more and more popular with younger fans often replacing traditional radio as the means to find and share new music. How is the popularity of social networking and music discovery and recommendation services affecting the music industry? What is the impact on traditional radio? What are the legal challenges facing online services that stream music, allow sharing and the creation of playlists, offer music videos and other social music applications? Are social networking and online music discovery a revolution with lasting effects on the music industry or a passing fad? These experts will consider what role social networking and music discovery services will play in the future of the music business.

Josh Brooks, VP, Marketing & Content, MySpace
Douglas Caballero, Host, “The Daily Fix”, Current TV
Chris Maxcy, Director of Partner Development, YouTube
Syd Schwartz, SVP, Digital Strategy, EMI North America
Dimitri Villard, Interim CEO, ARTISTdirect
Moderator: David Leibowitz, Managing Partner, CH Potomac
10:30am–11:00am Networking Break
11:00am–11:45am Panel 2: The Digital Copyright Debate
Is the System Broken? If So, How Do We Fix It?

This panel of music and copyright experts will discuss the top legal and policy issues facing the music industry today. Why do so many in the industry feel that the current copyright system does not fairly protect their interests? What needs to happen so that artists can live off their creativity, labels and publishers can see a fair return on their investments, technology companies have an incentive to innovate and receive a fair share of the pie and music fans can satisfy their current hunger for and exploration of new and/or alternative music?

Larry Kenswil, EVP, Business Strategy, Universal Music
John Rudolph, CEO, Bug Music / Board Member, NMPA
Jonathan Potter, Executive Director, Digital Media Association
Michael Petricone, SVP, Gov't Affairs, CEA
Moderator: Gary Greenstein, Of Counsel, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
11:45am–12:30pm Panel 3: The Future of Mobile Music
This panel of mobile insiders will discuss the latest developments in the mobile music market, including mobile marketing initiatives, portable devices and other mobile-related innovations and revenue-generating opportunities such as music videos, full-track streaming of music, ring tones and “ringbacks.” What mobile innovations are having the greatest impact on the way consumers discover, purchase and listen to music, network with fans and artists, learn about concert information and release dates from their favorite artists and interact during the concert experience? What are the developments that will shape the industry in the years to come?

Trevor Madigan, Americas Manager, Ent. & Communities, NOKIA
Massimiliano Pellegrini, CEO, Dada Entertainment
Mitch Rotter, SVP, Content Acquisition & Strategy, Thumbplay
Michael Romero, VP, Mobile Retail Business, SanDisk
Dave Dederer,
VP, Bus. Dev., Melodeo/ Founding Band Member, The Presidents of United States of America
: Aydin Caginalp, Partner, Entertainment & Media Group, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
12:30pm–1:30pm Lunch Reception
Sponsored By:
1:30pm–2:00pm KEYNOTE
Amit Kapur, Chief Operating Officer,
Interviewed by: Josh Glazer, URB Magazine
2:15pm–3:00pm Panel 4: A Briefing on New Technologies & Business Trends Impacting the Future of the Music Industry
In the this session, each panelist will have seven minutes to provide a snapshot of a new or evolving technology or business trend impacting the future of the music industry. Following a short Q&A, the audience will vote by mobile phone to determine which technology or trend is likely to have the greatest impact on the future of the business.

Scott Cave, CEO, Rook Interactive
Samantha Murphy, Founder, The Highway Girl
Jeremy Riney, CEO & Founder, Playlist.com
Barry Schaffer, President, Promotional Currency
Moderator: Ned Sherman, CEO, Digital Media Wire
3:00pm–3:30pm Networking Break
3:30pm–4:15pm Panel 5: Digital Rights and Clearances for Music
Far too often digital music deals get done only to be held up by complicated and time-consuming rights clearance processes. This panel of experts will discuss rights clearance issues for digital music licenses. What are some of the common problems and how can they be avoided?

Kevin Arnold, CEO, IODA
Richard Conlon, VP, New Media & Strategic Development, BMI
Maurice Russell, VP, Bus. & Licensing, Harry Fox Agency
Patrick Sullivan, President & CEO, RightsFlow LLC
Les Watkins, SVP, Business Affairs, Music Reports
Bob Kohn, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, RoyaltyShare, Inc.
Moderator: David Oxenford, Partner, Davis, Wright Tremaine
Jac Holzman Founder, Elektra Records / Chairman, Warner Music Group’s Cordless Recordings
Interviewed by: John Frankenheimer, Chair, Music Group/ Partner & Co-Chair, Loeb & Loeb LLP
4:45pm–5:30pm Panel 6: The Evolution of the Live Music Business
As artists increasingly struggle to make a living selling their music, live tours and other associated products, such as concert tickets and merchandise, have taken on a new importance, and savvy concert promoters like LiveNation are taking a larger role by acquiring additional artists' rights beyond the concert tour, including unified rights deals with select artists. What is the future for participants in the live music industry and what is the role of digital technologies in creating new opportunities and experiences for artists, performers, promoters, vendors and fans? What are the issues surrounding online ticketing? How are mobile technologies and online video being used to enhance the live music experience? This panel will discuss the evolution of the live music business with a focus on how to use of digital technologies to promote, produce and create new revenue opportunities around live events.

Greg Bettinelli, EVP, Business Dev. & Strategy, Live Nation
David Marcus, SVP, Music, Ticketmaster
Naveen Jain, CEO, Sparkart
Chris Guggenheim, CEO, ALL Access Today
Moderator: Kelli Richards, CEO, The All Access Group

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